Choosing the Right Editing Software

How do you know what video editing software is best?

This is often a confusing question that can take hours of researching online, through company websites all screaming:


Don’t get this message confused, not all editing programs are created equal, no matter how similar they might be! I will be briefly explaining a few that I am familiar with, to possibly help with the decision making process.


Even if this is the very first blog post you’ve read on this topic, it’s likely you’ve heard of Adobe and their vast editing repertoire. From Photoshop, to Spark, and of course Premiere Pro, they are definitely a company who lives up to their reputation!

Premiere Pro is a powerful editing software that can do nearly everything you’re looking to do when editing video. However if you are looking to spend time in the world of visual effects, Adobe After Effects is where you will spend some extra time. And with a wave of Hollywood Blockbusters edited using this very software, you are sure to be very happy with the the final results.

Premiere Pro will run you up anywhere from $240 – $600 per year, so if you intend to edit videos as a hobby, or are just starting, this option could become quite pricey.

Click here for more info on Adobe Premier Pro

2. Filmora

Filmora Pro is a stand alone timeline video editor that runs side by side with Premiere Pro, however in my personal opinion, Filmora is something you would use for wedding videography, or youtube videos. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very powerful program, but lacks some of the heavy hitting features and integrations that one would desire in a more commercial environment.

Filmora Pro has pre-installed animated title effects, and advanced color grading tools to keep your project looking sharp, and allow for the visual tone to be set perfectly. The interface is clean and more user friendly for the beginner video editor, and has export presets tailored to YouTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook, to keep your videos “streaming friendly”

Filmora Pro will run you around $200 for their lifetime license, which is a bargain compared to Premiere Pro!

Check out more about Filmora Pro here

3. HitFilm

You may not see a lot about these guys on the web, but they are by far my favorite program, and not because they are far superior, or less expensive!

I learned a lot of my editing techniques using this program! Before you start a new project, there are suggested videos on how to learn both simple and advanced techniques (on their YouTube page of course), and has all the power and quality of any other linear video editor out there!

One great thing about HitFilm is that they have the ability to create the same hardcore animations like Adobe After Effects, but built into the same editor, and with their guided YouTube videos, and a little effort, you’ll become a pro in no time!

HitFilm does have a pro version that runs anywhere from $400-$600, but don’t let that scare you, because the have a completely free version (express) with no watermark, that doesn’t include advance ad-ons or packages.

To learn more about HitFilm Pro click here

To learn more about HitFilm Express click here


I edit primarily on PC, however, the programs described in this review are available on MAC and PC.

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