What is Videography?

What is Videography?

When you think of the word videography, it doesn’t take much initial thought to know roughly what it is. But what is it really?

The definition found on Dictionary.com is:

Videography: noun. The process or art of making video films.


You bet!

While learning the trade we call videography, I had to take extra consideration to not only keep my subjects in focus, but creating an artistic shot by using different angles or  lighting, and a lot of the times both! And I will admit, it wasn’t as easy as it had always seemed!

Forced Perspective

Whether you’re opening up a new store and need a commercial, creating Youtube videos, or teaching classes remotely, an artistic view point is a great thing to have!

In my last blog post, I mentioned Murch’s rule of 6, the first of those rules talks about the emotion of the edits. It is important to remember this in respects to the artistic approach of the story you are trying to tell in your video.

Think of your favorite movie, or the best super bowl commercials. They convey a specific emotion, and can sometimes leave a lasting impression throughout the ages.

So call it videography, cinematography, or filmography; or whether you’re a wedding videographer or shoot commercials for a living, your main job is to make the viewers remember the story being told.

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